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500 M 30 04 2013 ChanneL Zero PP: Presentation

500 M 30 04 2013

this video is the presentation document of the Channel Zero at the time of his launch as first world Tv channel on internet, in 14 September of 2002

and is a presentation that essencial aim the commercial side of this project and other developed at the same time, e-cultura

this document is integrant part of the criminal accusation of robber of this application trougth PT Telecom and others

as all in the world know, the Channel Zero has been stoled and then it became You Tube

as also knowed many enter my house every days in this last decade and among other crimes they still all kind of documents, this crime is allowed by all the so call portuguese authorities at all the levels, I m also shure that this document was been used by other groups and or companies to promote other similar produtcs, namelly i suppose also by SIC radical

some years ago the commercial value of You tube was over 3 billion dollars

this robber is one of the bigest motivations behind the crime against me and my son from 2005

in recent video master recorded at 05 04 2013 and published at my book of life with the reference 484 M 07 04 2013, more or less at 30 minutes, in a conversation with You tube, I gave the account that the recent steps concerning the actual model (pearhaps less then two months) of financiang trougth pub of the You tube channel, whore already preview on my project model of Channel Zero at 2002, as all can understand by this presentation here today published, in the 500 M 30 04 2013. As I also gave the account on the video, 484 M 07 04 2013, not only the application of Channel Zero was been stole and after many documents of strategy, namelly powers points like this one that is this video

first key

one connected with the commercial side, the firts name that ( ata ap pp pears son pp) appears on this pp, is from ANACON

500 a current number, that have many references on book of life, including a connection with CGD and consequently by the line of analyse the fall, fak, of the towers in NY~, and also some murders in portugal, line of animal, anibal cannibal

cross hi from the serpent tv tva ase id deo o ft, he presentation doc vaso men cross channel, circle ch anne ring, zorro of the ero at the time of the launch, ace one world, cross vase ch anne ring first on internet,

and isa presentation, erika, cross hat es sen cia l ai m t he commercial radio,com mer cia 1, r j ct and other,d eve velo ped at the same time, e-cu l tura

cross man from the os doc, vase men cross is int e cat ra nt tp art circle ft, he criminal accusation, of rfr rat,ps, ob bb second ero ft, hi serpent application, cross rat circle gt man from PT Telecom and others

ace all in the world, k no dp the Channel Z ero, man ace be en serpent tol ed and criss he en it, bec am from the me of You Tube

as al soc serpent circle kapa, no ed man any en te rat major delta house, eve ery square first one Y sin, cross hi serpent la st dec ad ,e, and am moon ong ot her crimes , cross he Y Still all, kin indo dd, circle f documents, cross hi serpent crime is allo dp ed b Y a ll, cross he soc all porto guese author it ie es at a ll, cross he firt eve l sam also, shure cross hat, cross hi serpent doc vaso men cross dp ace be en use sed ed b Y ot her, cat rat, ps circle ups and circle rc om pan ie s to pro romo te ot her si mila ar por du t cs, na melly is u pp pose also, b y SIC radical, (nelly sic= ana caetano)

serpent om me Y and ars ago, cross he com mer cila vase al ue of You, cross Ub be and dp ace ove rat 3 bil lion dol l ars ( mer cila, the dentist, the spouse of pedro marques lopes, pearphs the FT id that appear in this text key, BN group)

cross hi serpent rat,ps, ob bb eri serpent one , circle ft ,he big est major ot iva tio ns behind the crime, first one from the gi ian st me and major Y son fr om 20 05, mason circle star

second key

is visible at 1:03, in the background of the slide, a femenin figure that have a kind of poupe, is is left hand, this figure is not farway from one of the first figures that had "emerge" from the japonese panels, ( keys on tsunami march 2011 japan), that i had call the fido, seven up, the text on the presentation speaks about waves, and specially about the third one. other aspects of the id, point baixa, wich is from the center of lisbon, connections, with regi cao, tvi group, mode, or a model, and speaks about a lot of it angles namelly at the italian sud circle.

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